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MBH Enterprises, Inc. offers a simple Rope/Tie System That Yields Extrodinary Results

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Get The Profit You Deserve

♦   Stop shaking out shirts ♦   Eliminate tangled sleeves ♦   Cleaner, brighter shirts
♦   Increase wash load ♦   Cut water/sewage/supply/labor cost ♦   Stop open orders
♦   Get more floor space ♦   Faster return to branches ♦   Color ID for starch levels
♦   Stop using nets ♦   Identify branch stores ♦   Work flow control
♦   No scrubbing collars ♦   Reduce sorting 50%-75% ♦   Speed sort single orders

Enjoy it all when you get the MBH Rope-Tie™ System

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More Than 55 Years of Experience

Our Story

Increase your productivity while simultaneously reducing your expenses when the MBH Rope-Tie system is working for you. The creator of the orginal MBH Rope-Tie™ system, Milt Heilweil states, "The purpose of the MBH Rope-Tie™ system was to eliminate the time-wasting procedure of shaking out shirts. However, once it was introduced shirt laundries found there were a great many more benefits the simple system offered."

The genuine MBH Rope-Tie™ system is not sold in any catalogs. For true value buy only genuine MBH Rope-Ties™—the tie that works.

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